Radio Servicing

These campaigns were created by the network of DMH Media Network to promote and solicit for radio promotions. Get your music to the stations that matter; FM, College, Sirius, MTV, VH1, AOL, Yahoo, Napster, Live365, Shoutcast, Europe & on Demand and more. This builds up your status for recording deals and for distribution deals for your music. (These campaigns will build an airplay story that can be used for physical distribution and negotiation. Universal requires airplay for distribution. Go to for more information.)

You will receive; Weekly Airplay Reports, Blast to PD’s, Station Manager, DJ’s, Radio Affiliates for airplay consideration. And on some plans we can get you on the national charts with Mediaguide TOP 10 Artist/Adds, DRT Top 100 Charts or World Wide TOP 25 Breakout Charts. Artist receives a copy of all charts or links for verification.

All stations PAY royalties through performance rights and Soundexchange, artist receives 100% of ALL ROYALTIES.  All music must be clean, mastered for radio.




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